Sister Concern

Other associations:

Managing Director Dr. Surya Bahadur Khadka is also associated with the other Companies as mentioned below:

Chairman of                       : Rara Bikash Bank Ltd, Surkhet

Proprietor of                      : Shankar Oil Store, Surkhet

Proprietor of                      : Bul Bule Oil Store, Surkhet

Proprietor of                      : Shankar Store, Surkhet

Managing Director of     :Pashupati Housing Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu

Managing Director of     : Deuti Trading House Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu

Proprietor of                      : Navratna Oil Industries, Surkhet

Director of                          : Apple Secondary School, Kathmandu

Director of                          : Surya Agro Resort Pvt. Ltd.

Former President of       : District Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Surkhet (2005/06)

According to Dr. Khadka, the Company believes in playing fair competition in the market with other Companies. The hard work and fair play will bring positive outcome in the long run and competition brings out best from all and gives returns on equity.

Shankar Stores:

Shankar Stores was established in the year 1984. It was a small grocery shop. After some years it went into wholesale business. It supplied ration for Battalions in the Army and still managing to do it. Shankar store falls in mid-western region of Nepal at Surkhet. It went into full-fledged business and became dealer for Chocolates, Biscuits, Noodles, Soaps, rice, dal, dry vegetable, local ghee, sugar etc. The proprietor was Dr. Surya Bahadur Khadka.

Annual turnover of Shankar Stores:

Year F/Y Annual turnover
1 2015/016


2 2014/015                                    32,531,191.82
3 2013/014                          106,169,274.13
4  2012/013


Shankar Oil Store:

Shankar Oil Store is a petroleum Company that deals in Petrol, diesel, mobile, grease, hydraulic oil, cooling water, battery. It is located in Lattikoili, Ward No. 1, Surkhet, Nepal. It’s been into operation since January 2011 and have been serving the community of Surkhet for the supply of petroleum products which is essential for the smooth operation of vehicles and other machinery products.

Deuti Trading House Pvt. Ltd.:

Deuti Trading House Pvt. Ltd. was established in March 2005. It is located in Kathmandu-4, Sukhedhara . It supplies paraffin wax in different part of Nepal. It has given employment to 10-20 people. It is also authorized dealer of “Standard Tractor” India for Nepal  . The Authorized Capital and Issued capital is NPR 50,00,000 .Managing Director of the company is Dr .Surya Bahadur Khadka.