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Surya Construction Firm (SCF) and it’s  Group of companies are  one of the largest private civil construction, industrial and trading company in Mid Western Regional Sector of  Nepal with an annual turnover in excess of  RS 1000 Million. Since 1984, the company has been involved in industrial operations, supply and trading goods and civil Construction works. Surya Construction Firm (SCF) and it’s  Group of companies started its business with Shankar Stores in June 1984 with small trading store in Birendranagar, Surkhet, Nepal . The store had General Trading and  dealerships for chocolates, biscuits, noodles, soaps (FMCG).

In October 2006, Founder of Shankar Store started new business by taking over Business License of Tapeshori Nirman Sewa “B” Class Civil Construction firm named M/s Surya Construction Firm (SCF).

Surya Construction Firm Pvt. Ltd.

Surya Construction Firm is a Construction and Trading Company in Nepal. Initially a “B” class Construction Company. After the ownership of Dr. Surya Bahadur Khadka, it was named as “Surya Construction Firm ” in 2006. Under the influence of dynamic and positive leadership of Dr. Khadka, the Company was upgraded as “A” Class Construction Company in November 2011 and expanded its wings. From July 2015, Surya Construction Firm became Surya Construction Firm Pvt. Ltd under Office of Company Registrar. The Corporate office is in Sukhedhara, Kathmandu, Nepal. The registered office is in Birendranagar, Surkhet District (Mid-Western part of Nepal).

In the Civil Construction sector, Surya Construction Firm Pvt. Ltd. works for construction projects of roads, bridges, irrigation, buildings and hydro-power projects. In a group of private construction Companies, Surya Construction Firm Pvt. Ltd stands out for its professionalism, excellent workmanship and team work. It has expanded its business all over Nepal from Mechi to Mahakali. It is working in many projects such as Mid Hill (Puspalal) Lokmarg project, Postal Highway Road Project , ADB Project, RSDP Projects, Construction of several bridges all  over Nepal . Various building construction works, irrigation projects such as Sunsari Morang’s, Babai Irrigation Projects. Besides these projects, other sectors like housing, land development, trading on spare parts of equipment and automobile is Surya Construction Firm Pvt. Ltd.  future plans.

FOUNDER :Dr. Surya Bahadur Khadka

Born in Birendranagar, Surkhet on B.S. 2021.01.14 at young age of 18, Mr. Surya Bahadur Khadka entered in trade. At the beginning, he started from grocery shop at hometown in Dailekh district, currently Dulu Municipality Ward No.6. That time, having failed High school exam in the first attempt, Surya Bahadur Khadka- a man with determination achieved big by conquering the odds in life. He passed out next time and joined I.A. at Birendra Multiple Campus,Surkhet(T.U) B.S. 2050, Nepal as a Political Science student. After completion he went ahead and studied Bachelors and completed in B.S. 2053, Surkhet, T.U. and did his Master’s Program in Political Science in 2063-64. In 2072 B.S. he earned Doctorate in Political Science from Maghad University, Bodgaya, India. His dissertation was a research study on, “International terrorism impact on South Asia a critical study with special reference to India”. His career moved forward from a wholesaler to securing tender ship for providing ration for army troops and Battalions and plotting of land in Surkhet, he went ahead and established Jai maaLaxmi Oil Industry in 2054 B.S. His work gave fruitful results and he expanded his job profile by establishing Hotel White House in Surkhet.

It was in 2062-63 B.S. he became President for Surkhet Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a Public Sector. From 2072-2073,  he is the Managing Director of Surya Construction Firm P.Ltd. Before that he was the proprietor of this Company. Dr. Khadka was also a founder Chairman of Rara Bikas Bank, Surkhet.,  Chairman of Midwestern Truck and Tractor Business Sangh, Surkhet. Bisista Member and Life Member of Nepal Red Cross Society and Shri Prasanti Old age home, Surkhet.

Previously B class but now an A class Construction Company, turnover worth in trillions of Nepalese Rupees, work-in hand, equipment’s like dozers and excavators (80-90 units),tippers, trucks and vehicles around 100 units,heavy equipment’s around 150 units used in infrastructural construction is under Dr. Khadka’s ownership.

Services Offered by Surya Construction Firm Pvt Ltd

  • Road Construction
  • Bridge Construction
  • Irrigation Works
  • Building Works
  • Hydropower Project
  • Heavy Equipments trading
  • Road Safety works ( supply & Installation Crash Barriers )


    Quality and time are the most crucial factors for successful completion. Besides, the Company keeps update by checking on three dimensions, staff, bank and tax. Staff should be well informed and updated. They must be present at work. No staff means no work at all. Bank information must be updated and revised to minimize risk and safety of long term projects and contracts. Tax information must be up to date and accounting for long term contracts using the percentage of completion method (PCM).